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Marz Bishop.

The Speaker. 

Marz Bishop, a native of Long Island, NY, has
persevered through LiFE’s challenges at an early age. Growing up he’s endured the arduous battle of living with Sickle Cell Anemia in lure of having days in and out of the hospital; because of these challenges, Marz learned how to acquire the fortitude to overcome obstacles, especially after surviving two strokes that left him partially paralyzed within his Left extremities, because he failed to receive proper medical attention.
Marz uses his experiences to empower others on the importance of cultivating themselves to look past challenges and focus on solutions to improve performance and maximize potential. In 2014 Marz left corporate America to begin his journey of full-time entrepreneurship, where he began his company LiFEinc. An acronym meaning Learning institute For Experience.

Marz Bishop took his passion for music and writing and enhanced those skillsets to become an effective orator; empowering and enlightening his audience about the importance of developing themselves, to improve performance and maximize their potential. Upon
becoming an author, certified coach and speaker, he’s invested countless hours and resources into his personal development, to be more effective in his craft. 

Marz Bishop influences and inspires students

to identify their innate ability to self-actualize what can be achieved by cultivating their potential.

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The Author. 

In "The Fight In You", "super cells" survivor Marz Bishop recounts his challenges and triumphs with Sickle Cell Anemia (which he refers to as Super Cells), his tumultuous childhood, and his journey into entrepreneurship after walking away from Corporate America. Bishop provides the motivation, strategies, and tools needed to tap into your inner courage, face your fights and your fears, and accomplish the desires of your heart."

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The Change Agent.

Marz also serves as the CEO of The Learning Institute for Experience. Formerly known as LiFEinc., the organization focuses on enlightening, empowering, and encouraging individuals to use their experiences by extracting the lessons to develop principles and solutions through a new perspective, to endure and persevere through

their challenges.

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